Kingsley Upgrades

Kingsley has been established for over 19 years, but has suffered in the past from legacy systems with outdated technology and a lot of clutter.  We have moved to next-generation systems because the internet has become a very dangerous place.  We are effectively in a state of constant war, constantly being probed for weaknesses, ports attacked, compromised clients sending spam, relay attempts as spammers try to find creative ways to use our mail servers to send spam or compromise our clients.  We use standard Linux frameworks, but with significant hardening and layers upon layers of security to protect you, our clients, from these threats.  Unfortunately there is a lot of education required in order for us to properly protect our clients – a single compromised client can stop all clients from sending and receiving mail and this is what we work tirelessly to avoid, constantly evolving our security and constantly improving the balance between tolerance and security.

We thank all of our loyal clients and apologise to everyone who has experienced any kind of disruption while we upgraded our systems, but please understand that we are working towards a solid and secure framework which will never compromise your data and your privacy, which we will continue to do into the future.  We have experienced a birth by fire with our first week on our new system attacked relentlessly by hackers, spammers and other criminal networks form all over the world – we won!  Our engineers, with the help of some of the best security systems on the planet, fought off masses of attempts until eventually the attackers were eliminated completely.  Our systems are ticking along at less than 1% of system capacity, ready for attacks of any nature, which we will eliminate without breaking a sweat.